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Crisis at UGA April 27, 2009

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At the University of Georgia, a professor shot his wife and two other people, and injured two more. Afterwards, he dropped his two kids off at their neighbors house and is now on the lose. This story hit somewhat close to home because my mother told me that one of my friends from high school was standing RIGHT next to one of the men that was shot. It will be interesting to see what the public relations professionals of the University of Georgia will do in order to keep their reputation. This professor was a professor in the Business program, which is one of the top business programs in the country. This will look bad on UGA and the PR professionals will have to do a lot of work in order to keep their school on top in my opinion.



Class on April 20 April 21, 2009

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Yesterday in class we talked about getting into the news. We discussed many parts of chapter 14. I was glad that we went over press and news releases because I was confused somewhat about that topic and how to write them. We talked about fact sheets, media kits, pitching, etc. On Wednesday in class, we are supposed to bring any news release we want. I am going to look for some today and I think it will interesting to see what everyone brings in. We are also supposed to look up, “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” I think that Dr. Nixon does a great job of relating topics in the book to our class and the everyday PR world.



Guest Speakers in class April 16, 2009

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Before the guest speakers came, we watched the Domino’s clip. It was pretty disgusting. I will eat at Dominos again, but it scares me to think that this is probably happening at many fast food restaurants. After that, we had two guest speakers, Jeremy and Lauren. I was excited to listen to them because it is always interesting to hear other people’s stories. The fact that they were both Georgia Southern graduates made it even more interesting because it is hope that some of us will actually get a job! The talked for a while about their jobs at the company Three. I would love to have a job like that when I graduate. They gave some good information about the PR job world, social networking, and skills we as undergraduates need to get an internship or job when we graduate.


Blogging April 14, 2009

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When I first made an account on wordpress, I was hesitant on what I would write about on my blogs. I had a livejournal when I was in middle school, so I figured it might be something like. It is in a way, except for the fact that I am much older and am not just writing about my friends and boys (ha!). I have noticed that as the semester has gone on, I have started to like blogging more and more. I check my account more often and when I see something on the news, or something happens in my day, I sometimes want to blog about it. I think this experiance just goes to show you can’t knock something until you try it.


PR Crisis April 7, 2009

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Today in class we discussed Public Relations in times of a crisis. First we talked about what exactly a crisis is and what the four types of crisis are: meteor, predator, breakdown, and lingering. There are also many benefits to planning for a crisis such as it will reduce stress if the crisis actually occurs, the flow of information, etc. We also discussed how a PR professional for a company has to search for the negative for that company to see what is being said or talked about. The three R’s of Crisis Communication are research, response, and recovery. Throughout the class, we discussed more on crisis communication and what to do if your company has a crisis. I personally do not think that I could be the “negative” person on the team that has to plan for a crisis. The class was then asked to get into groups and we were given a certain scenerio. Our group had to discuss what we would do if this crisis were to happen to our company. I enjoyed this class because I didn’t realize how much time had to go into thinking and discussing what could happen to a company (even if it is far stretched).


Class on March 30 March 31, 2009

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Today in class we started off with a cross word puzzle. This was interesting for me because I felt like I knew EVERY single answer, but I just could not put a name to the slogan. After we did our puzzle, we got the answers, and some of them I had never heard before. We then discussed our blogs for a while. At the beginning of the semester, I was confused about blog posts and what I was supposed to do, but not it has become a lot more clear. I am glad Dr. Nixon explains things to us thoroughly so we are able to get the right idea. After we discussed blogs, we got our next assignment. We have to listen to a PR podcast. I haven’t decided which one to do yet, but I am sure whichever one I pick will be interesting.


Communication March 11, 2009

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On Monday, March 9 in class, we discussed ways of communicating. We were told to draw on a piece of paper how we thought communication worked. I wrote pictures of a phone, a computer, a television, etc. After Dr. Nixon put some examples on the screen, I realized I did not have the same idea as everyone else. It made sense when she put the others on the screen because they all talked about encoding, decoding, feedback, senders, receivers, and the way you would actually send a message. On my sheet I just wrote channels that you could send a message through. I thought this was an interesting project to do in class because I got to see everyone’s idea on communication and how every group wrote a different message. This just goes to show that there are so many different types of communicating and ways to communicate.