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PR Connection- College and PR April 20, 2010

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As my four year college career is coming to an end, I want to look back on some of my favorite public relations courses that I took at Georgia Southern University.

My favorite PR course was PR publications. I love to create things and this course was all about PR Publications (obviously). We had the opportunity to create a brochure, business card, and letter head using Adobe InDesign. Eventually I want to go into event planning and these skills will help me when I reach that goal.

Another one of my favorite courses was International PR. It is important to know what is going on in the PR world outside of the United States. I learned a lot about PR in different countries and how it differs from the US. The course helped me to realize different aspects of PR.

A course that I wish I would have taken was PR Event Planning. The reason I did not take this course was because I would have had to take it in the same semester as PR Campaigns and I have always heard not to.If I could do it over, I would have tried to take event planning at an earlier semester because I think the course would have been very beneficial.

I hope this blog helps any up and coming PR majors. If I had one thing to tell them it would be to take what you think is interesting and take what YOU want to take. Don’t always take the easy route just to get an A.


One Response to “PR Connection- College and PR”

  1. I love that you mentioned how not to take an easy course to get an A. The classes that I struggled with taught me skills that are needed today within the public relations field such as publications, praticum, social media & pr online and International PR. I didn’t realize how much valuable informatioin I learned taking these classes along with keeping the books for future reference. It is important to have a well rounded knowledge about public relations.

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