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PR Connection- After Graduation? April 20, 2010

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So I am finally graduating in May and not only do I have to worry about finishing up the work in my classes…. I have to worry about getting a job!! Public relations is a growing field and it is interesting looking for a job in the PR world.

May 24th I will start my summer internship at the American Cancer Society of Bulloch County. I will be working to plan events and also working with their marketing and advertising. I am excited for this internship because it will give me the opportunity to learn more about event planning and public relations.

But then what? I have been looking for jobs for the past couple of months and have realized how stressful it can be. I have interviews and job opportunities, but how will I know which is right? With the economy the way it is, no one can be too picky. It is important to learn as much as you can about a company or organization before going for an interview. The more you know, the better you look.

I learned some GREAT interviewing tips from my PR Practicum class, taught by Professor Barbara Nixon. Doing a mock interview for that class helped me to be more at ease during a real interview.

I hope that every one of my fellow graduates finds a job they love and has a successful life after college. Here’s to the next step in our lives!


One Response to “PR Connection- After Graduation?”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Isn’t it a great feeling to almost be done with school? I don’t know what I’m going to do without all the homework and studying. As you mentioned, it is exciting to be a PR major during a time of such rapid industry growth. I can’t wait to see what opportunities are out there. I too interned with the American Cancer Society last summer. It was a great experience. The best advice I can give you is to stay busy, even if you don’t have assignments. Summers with ACS can sometimes be slow because they are just getting done with their hardest time of year, Relay For Life. There won’t always be clear and prevalent assignments, so at times you will have to create your own. Being a PR major you shouldn’t have any trouble with this. I still have my portfolio from last year, you’re welcome to take a look at it if you ever need to.

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