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TOW Week 15- Guest Writer April 18, 2010

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The following is a description of our blogging topic of the week for my PR and Social Media class:

This week’s topic was inspired by Adam Vincenzini’s Be My Guest month: post something by a guest blogger. Connect with another blogger (it can, but doesn’t have to, be someone in your class) and exchange blog posts for the week. (You don’t have to write something new . . . share your favorite post you’ve written this semester.) In your own blog, make it really clear that the post is written by another person, and link to your guest’s blog.

The person I chose to guest blog with this week is Jessica Cameron. The following is a blog post that she wrote which can be found on her blog. I chose this post because it is one of my favorite blog posts that she has written.

Recruiter Visit from University Directories

February 12, 2010 at 5:09 pm (PR Connections, PRCA 3030, PRCA 3711)

On February 9, 2010 Maggie Woodward, a recruiter for University Directories came to the PRSSA meeting to speak. Maggie is a recruiter. This means she goes around to different college campuses and recruits interns.

One of the key ways to begin the career search in college is to build a relationship wtih the career center located on your college cmapus. They will help you with your resume, cover letters, and even getting you interviews.

Maggie says to begin your resume with an objective that stands out among others. An objective typically appears near the top of your resume, so it will be part of the first impression your resume gives off. Cover letters are also another way to give off a good first impression and stand out among others.

Make sure you have a professional e-mail account set up. You may even want to consider creating a separate e-mail account that is just for your job search. A professional e-mail typically contains either your first or last name or both, so the recipient can easily identify you. You will also want to keep your voicemail on your cell phone professional. Either have a professional greeting created or use the standard “You have reached…(insert name here).” Be aware of what song you choose for a ringback tone, if you choose to have one. You need the ringback tone to be professional if you are going to have one.

Tips on how to succeed in career fair:

  • Look up the list your college will post about which companies ill be in attendance at the career fair.
  • Research the companies that will be at the career fair, especially the ones you are interested in.
  • Practice on the companies you are less interested in, before going to meet with the companies you are really interested in.
  • Remember career fairs are the first impression you will make on a company so act eager.

Maggie Woodward had some great advice on using the career center on your college campus.

“Fake it til you make it!”


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