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PR Connection- Viral Video April 14, 2010

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For my PR and Social Media class at Georgia Southern University, we were to create our own video with the potential to become “viral.” The client we chose was the Public Relations Student Society of America. Below is the video that we made. It is at a fundraiser at Bruster’s the PRSSA put on to raise money for their Relay for Life team.


9 Responses to “PR Connection- Viral Video”

  1. mbutle Says:

    Very cute video! I loved making my viral video and was inspired to make even more after using my first one. I wonder which program you used to create it, I used Windows Movie Maker which was alright. I just wish I could have toyed with the Imovie on the MAC. I am sure that it was a far better program. But good job!

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  3. kdwhigham Says:

    I love your video! It’s too cute! Ya’ll did a good job in promoting the bottom line of selling ice cream for PRSSA at Brusters. I loved how you popped up out of no where with the ice cream though… that was definitely my favorite part! Thanks for sharing the video with us!

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  5. hhiggs87 Says:

    I definitely think this video is going viral! Ok, maybe not worldwide but definitely in the Statesboro area. You and Jessica did a great job. Sorry my terrible South Georgia accent got in the way. That is my next project. I am calling it “project erase an accent.” I think it is going to hurt me in the job market. But on the other hand, when I go to conferences, I have tons of random people come up to me just to hear me talk. They tell me I have a cute accent…don’t know how much they really mean it. But I really did like ya’lls video. I hope ya’ll win the extra credit!

  6. Marilyn Says:

    Love your video! I actually went to Brusters that night to support PRSSA and of course get some of the best ice cream EVER aka Graham Central Station- love it! I think that it’s so great PRSSA did this because it really gets the name out there and allows the businesses around Statesboro to learn more about Georgia Southern University and the different organizations we have along with how we can lend a hand. And where is a better place to volunteer that Brusters? It’s a really cute video and if that event takes place again I am totally there!

  7. Jeremy Says:

    Great video. It has good sound and resolution for a YouTube video. I also chose to do PRSSA for the Viral Video assignment. That seemed like the best choice because most of the people in my PR classes are members of the organization. This really helped in the video making process because they already knew what to say without even thinking about it. I think it’s really cool how the people behind the counter at Brusters were able to inform the viewer without being boring. My only regret in not knowing about the event or else I would have definitely donated.

  8. Jessica Cameron Says:

    I definitely think Haley is right! Viral video in Statesboro, Georgia, here we come! I think my filming skills are equivalent to James Kicklighters too. That was a fun night…I got to sample all kinds of ice cream and even found my new favorite: Tuxedo Strawberry…yummy! I still didn’t find out exactly how much we raised but I think we had a pretty good crowd come out that night. Brusters is great for allowing us to come in and help them serve ice cream and take orders, along with being able to raise money at the same time. I think it made us feel like we were being more interactive with them and working for the money! Our video turned out cute!

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