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PR Connection- Podcast: The Benefits of Twitter March 31, 2010

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For my PR and Social Media Course at Georgia Southern University, we were asked to create our own podcast with a topic relating to public relations. I created a podcast about the benefits of Twitter. The following is a link to my podcast, and below the link are the show notes that go with this podcast.

Allie Schlumper- Podcast

Show Notes

Table of Contents/Time:

0-35 seconds- Theme Music and Introduction

39-53 seconds- Definition of Twitter

54-1:11- Personal Experiance With Twitter

1:12-2:38- How Twitter Started and where is it today?

2:39-4:28- Benefits of Twitter

4:29-5:16-Closing/Next Show/End Music

Credit For the Podcast:

Host and recording by: Allison Schlumper

Theme music:

  • Free Theme Number Five

Information found from the following websites:


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