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TOW Weeks 9 and 10- PR Open Mic March 22, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3030,TOW: Topic of the Week — aschlum1 @ 5:05 pm

For this weeks topic of the week, we were asked to create a profile on PR OpenMic. My PR OpenMic web address is: I had created a profile on the site about a year ago, but I have not gotten on the site for a while. This week, I will explain what PR OpenMic has to offer PR students and recent grads. I was excited to find out more information about the site because it took me a while to get used to. Like any other social media site, you have to play around and look at all of the things the site has to offer before you can fully understand how it works.

PR OpenMic is a social networking site for public relations. You create a profile and add information about yourself for others to see. It is an extremely beneficial site to be a part of for PR students and recent PR graduates. There is a tab on the site to look for jobs and internships which could be helpful for PR students/grads to look for if they are in need of a job or internship. You can create blog posts and look at various posts that people have written on the site. This would help anyone to stay recent in what is going on in PR and the world.

One specific thing that helped me from PR OpenMic was when I needed an interview for a class. I posted a blog about what kind of interview I needed and what it was for, and someone replied back telling me that they would be more than happy to do an interview for me.

PR OpenMic has many opportunities and there are many advantages within the site. It would be beneficial for any PR student, graduate, or professional to create a profile and to become involved within the site.


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