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PR Connection- Podcast: The Benefits of Twitter March 31, 2010

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For my PR and Social Media Course at Georgia Southern University, we were asked to create our own podcast with a topic relating to public relations. I created a podcast about the benefits of Twitter. The following is a link to my podcast, and below the link are the show notes that go with this podcast.

Allie Schlumper- Podcast

Show Notes

Table of Contents/Time:

0-35 seconds- Theme Music and Introduction

39-53 seconds- Definition of Twitter

54-1:11- Personal Experiance With Twitter

1:12-2:38- How Twitter Started and where is it today?

2:39-4:28- Benefits of Twitter

4:29-5:16-Closing/Next Show/End Music

Credit For the Podcast:

Host and recording by: Allison Schlumper

Theme music:

  • Free Theme Number Five

Information found from the following websites:


PR Connection- Slidecasts and Slideshare March 30, 2010

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What is a slidecast? A slidecast, according to Wikipedia, is, “a term that is used to describe an audio podcast that is combined with a slideshow or diaporama presentation. It is similar to a video podcast in that it combines dynamically-generated imagery with audio synchronization, but it is different in that it uses presentation software, such as PowerPoint, to create the imagery and the sequence of display separately from the time of the audio podcast’s original recording.”

For my PR and Social Media course at Georgia Southern University, we were asked to create a slidecast for a public relations trade book that we read. At first, I was confused and had no idea what to do. After researching and looking into it, I realized that a slidecast wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

By using Slideshare, anyone can upload a PowerPoint presentation onto the Internet for free. Once the presentation is uploaded, there is an option to upload a slidecast (mp3). Once your mp3 is uploaded, Slideshare lets the user sync the slides to talking portion that you wish for each slide to be with.

Slidecasts are a new and interesting way to present things. With today’s technology, it is important for everyone to understand and be able to use slidecasting. I am glad that I understand how to do a slidecast presentation now and I believe it will help me in the future.


Reading Notes- Survival Guide Ch. 6

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All of the following reading notes come from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltina Hay.

Chapter 6- Social Networking and Micro-Blogging

  • Social networking is one of the most powerful social media strategies
  • Facebook overview– posts, feed, wall, applications, groups, people search, messages, pages
  • There was a great deal of information about Facebook in this chapter. I read and looked over all of the information, but I already have a good idea of how to use Facebook because I have had one for almost four years.
  • Other social networking sites are looked at such as: MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • How to create your own social network? Create a social network in Ning, Create a Ning badge, promote your social networking presence

This chapter was informative for me because I am a big fan of social networking. I have a profile with many of the sites that are mentioned in this chapter, but I never thought about creating my “own social network.”


TOW Week 11- Delicious

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Discuss how college students (especially those working in groups) could benefit from social bookmarks. Be sure to include a link to your Delicious bookmarks in your blog post

For week 11’s topic of the week, I set up an account on Delicious. Delicious is a social bookmarking site. My delicious account is: When I set up my account, I added twenty bookmarks to my favorite, most visited sites on the Internet. Some of my sites included: WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, some of my classmate’s blogs, and many others.

College students can benefit greatly from using sites such as Delicious for social bookmarking. It is a website that helps with organization and planning. Whether students just wanted to keep track of sites they like or if they are using these sites for a project, it is an effective way of keeping track of the places you like to visit on the Internet. Students can benefit from social bookmarks when working in groups because when you set up an account and add bookmarks on Delicious, the bookmarks are available for everyone to see. If one group member has a list of sites on their account and another has a list of different sites on their account, that is double the amount of information for the group to look at and research with.

Delicious and other social bookmarking sites are becoming more popular as people start to use them more and more. Whether you are a college student or a professional, these sites can be beneficial in helping to plan or organize various types of information.


Reading Notes- Survival Guide Ch. 5 Podcasting, Vidcasting & Webcasting March 25, 2010

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All of the following reading notes come from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltina Hay.

Ch. 5- Podcasting, Vidcasting, and Webcasting

  • A podcast includes both audio and video files
  • Options for publishing a podcast- Blogging platform, publishing to website, using a service
  • Before you upload a podcast you must prepare the script and the key terms you are going to use (this section gives information on how long each section of your podcast should be)
  • The next section gives information on how to record your episodes (this section and chapter will be VERY helpful when creating my podcast for my PR and Social Media course)
  • Webcasting is an online broadcast which consists of a series of uploaded videos

I found this chapter extremely beneficial to read because for my PRCA 3030 course, we have to make and upload our own podcast. This chapter will help me to do this and has great guidelines on what to do.


Reading Notes: Survival Guide Ch. 2-3

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All of the following reading notes come from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltina Hay.

Ch. 2- Preparation

  • Key terms are used in search optimization- they are used to help search engines categorize searches
  • Before making a profile you need to: Find out which entity you will be representing in social web and which person within your organization will be representing you in social web
  • This chapter gave great information of how to prepare the content for your profile and how to increase exposure in the Social Web by preparing multimedia items, optimizing file names, gathering content from blogs, and more.

Ch. 3- RSS Feeds and Blogs

  • RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication– RSS feeds are ways of sharing information across the internet
  • Having RSS feeds offer ways for visitors to access your content easily
  • Google feed reader is a Web-based feed reader in which you can subscribe to feeds, search available feeds, and more
  • There are many different types of feed readers and ways to organize available feeds online
  • The chapter then shows how to display feeds on your website and how to create your own RSS feed
  • To create your own feed you must plan you feed and the content that will be involved
  • The next section is about blog- this section offers options on how to start and maintain a blog
  • Throughout the end of the chapter, there is a lot of information on what type of information to include in your blogs and tips on how to make a successful blog

TOW Weeks 9 and 10- PR Open Mic March 22, 2010

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For this weeks topic of the week, we were asked to create a profile on PR OpenMic. My PR OpenMic web address is: I had created a profile on the site about a year ago, but I have not gotten on the site for a while. This week, I will explain what PR OpenMic has to offer PR students and recent grads. I was excited to find out more information about the site because it took me a while to get used to. Like any other social media site, you have to play around and look at all of the things the site has to offer before you can fully understand how it works.

PR OpenMic is a social networking site for public relations. You create a profile and add information about yourself for others to see. It is an extremely beneficial site to be a part of for PR students and recent PR graduates. There is a tab on the site to look for jobs and internships which could be helpful for PR students/grads to look for if they are in need of a job or internship. You can create blog posts and look at various posts that people have written on the site. This would help anyone to stay recent in what is going on in PR and the world.

One specific thing that helped me from PR OpenMic was when I needed an interview for a class. I posted a blog about what kind of interview I needed and what it was for, and someone replied back telling me that they would be more than happy to do an interview for me.

PR OpenMic has many opportunities and there are many advantages within the site. It would be beneficial for any PR student, graduate, or professional to create a profile and to become involved within the site.