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Reading Notes: Groundswell Ch. 10-12 February 15, 2010

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The following notes are from the textbook Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.

Ch. 10- How Connecting with the Groundswell Transforms Your Company

  • How to incorporate the three elements of groundswell thinking into your organization:
  1. Take small steps that have big impact
  2. Have a vision and a plan
  3. Build leaders into the plan
  • Case Study on Dell: What can you learn from them?
  • It took a crisis or two to get Dell started
  • Dell Mastered one thing at a time, starting with listening
  • Executive push and cover made the difference
  • Authenticity was crucial
  • How can organizations prepare for a transformation?
  1. Start Small
  2. Educate your executives
  3. Get the right people to run your strategy
  4. Get your agency and technology partners in sync
  5. Plan for the next step and for the long term

Ch. 11- The Groundswell Inside Your Company

  • How to tap the groundswell inside your company- the bigger the company is, the more of a problem internal communication becomes
  • Three case studies on internal groundswell applications: the community at Best Buy, wikis at Avenue A/Razorfish, Organic, and Intel, and an idea exchange at Bell Canada
  • Key Point: Culture and Relationships TRUMP Technologies!

Ch. 12- The Future of the Groundswell

  • Groundswell technologies are “exploding” because they are CHEAP and EASY to create and improve
  • How to attain groundswell thinking? Develop the right attitude
  1. Never forget that the groundswell is about person-to-person activity
  2. Be a good listener
  3. Be patient
  4. Be opportunistic
  5. Be flexible
  6. Be collaborative
  7. Be humble 🙂

These seven are the principles of groundswell thinking… “Aspire to these qualities, and you can use the strategies we’ve laid out to your advantage- or invent your own.”


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