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PR Connections- Super Bowl Ads February 11, 2010

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The Superbowl is one of the most watched events on television every year. Many people watch it for the sport, but many also watch it for the commercials! What I want to look at in this blog post is how beneficial it is to have your product or brand on a Super Bowl commercial. Is it smart PR?

For years, the Super Bowl commercials have been getting better and better (in my opinion). So each year, the commercials get more hype and people get more excited to see which company/brand will come out with the best commercial. With all the companies spending literally MILLIONS on their one commercial spot for the night, it is very competitive.

When it comes down to it, whether people like the commercial or hate the commercial, either way they saw it and recognized the product. This year, there were many mixed reviews on the commercials and how funny, entertaining, and creative they were. I think from a PR perspective, any company that can afford/gain access to a commercial spot during the Super Bowl should! The commercial will reach a large amount of people that are different in ages, sex, race, etc. Also, if you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, the commercials show up on many social media and internet sites the day after the game. Even if the commercial is not well-liked, the product will still be talked about and remembered by the people.

Now that you know my opinion on the PR aspect of the Super Bowl commercials, below is a link to the commercial that I thought was the best.


2 Responses to “PR Connections- Super Bowl Ads”

  1. Jessica Cameron Says:

    This was my favorite super bowl commercial! There weren’t as many funny ones as there have been in past years. It’s probably because of the price increase in the commercial slot price and the state of the economy. Budlight and Doritos really took over the commercial slots this year. They had to have spent SO much money. Crazy. But this commercial was definitely hilarious. I wonder if the commercials were be funnier next year since there was such talk about them not being as good. I also wonder if the prices will go down or up. I would imagine the price will go up since they went up this year, even though the economy is in the state that it is.

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