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Week 4 TOW- Twitter Definitions of Social Media February 7, 2010

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Adam Vincenzini asked on Twitter and on his blog for people to share their definitions of “social media” with him, in 140 characters or fewer. Read through the list of definitions that were shared with Adam. Pick a few that resonate with you and discuss why these definitions “work” for you. Develop your OWN 140-character definition of social media.

This weeks topic of the week has to do with twitter, social media, and definitions. Adam Vincenzini asked people to share their definitions of “social media” with him on his Twitter and his blog. There is an entire list of these definitions on his blog. Some of the definitions that I found interesting and informative are listed below:

  • @mattsingley Social media is online content & communication that is interactive & dynamic, not controlled by any one person or entity
  • @ValerieSimon Social Media is a participatory form of media that provides opportunities to listen, share & engage using virtual technologies & practices
  • @Sean Cartell An innovative method of strategic communication, allowing participants to brand their product through instant two-way communication.
  • @LaurenBan To me, social media means learning, sharing, conversing and engaging. It’s about communicating and relationship building in real time.

There are over 100 definitions that were given by a variety of people and companies. I enjoyed reading over all of the definitions, but these are the four that I thought worked best for me. They are all short and to the point. I feel that if someone who had no idea about social media read these definitions, they could get a pretty good idea of what the concept of social media is.

If I was asked to tweet my own definition of social media it would be:

@AllieSchlumper Social media is people communicating to one another through various internet sites and the information that comes from this communication.


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