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Reading Notes: WordPress: Survival Guide, Ch. 4 February 3, 2010

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All of the following reading notes come from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltina Hay.

Chapter 4– Building a WordPress Powered Website

After just reading the chapter title, I was hesitant to read this chapter. I figured, “I already have a WordPress account, what more is there to know?” I continued to read anyways because I knew that I should. After getting more into the chapter I realized that I don’t even know HALF of what there is to know about WordPress, its capabilities, and how to build a powerful website.

There are many figures that helped me get a better idea of what the chapter was trying to say. There is a section called, “The Anatomy Of A WordPress Site,” and it gave great specific information about the mail elements of a WordPres site such as: header, navigation menu, main body area, etc.

Another part of the chapter I found to be helpful was the security settings and other settings to complete right away. There was a lot of information in that section that I did not know about WordPress and I found to be ineteresting and informative.

There were parts in the chapter that I already knew about WordPress, but I’m glad that I took the time to read and look deeper into this chapter. I found some helpful information about the site that I believe would be beneficial even to the most dedicated WordPress user.


One Response to “Reading Notes: WordPress: Survival Guide, Ch. 4”

  1. hhiggs87 Says:

    As sad as it is to say, I just brought myself to read this chapter. I kept putting it off because I thought I was pretty good with WordPress. I mean, we have been using it for a few years now. But after reading it I felt like I learned a few things I never knew. The widgets became so clear. I had never used widgets on WordPress and now I do. I also liked how the author talked about settings and appearance. I didn’t expect to gain anything from this chapter but I did. And the things I learned make blogging a whole lot easier.

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