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PR Connections- How much does Tiger Woods need PR? February 1, 2010

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Everyone in the country (and probably in the world) knows about what has gone on with Tiger Woods lately. For my PR connection this week, I want to talk about what Tiger’s public relations representative will have to do to get him back in the limelight… in a positive way.

The efforts have already begun. There have been magazine headlines, news reports, and news releases about how Tiger is in sex rehab and how he is trying to “fix his problem.” Tiger is a VERY rich man who could probably keep something like that hidden if he (or his PR rep) didn’t want the world to know that he was trying to get help.

His PR rep probably wants to make this a fast and easy recovery so Tiger can start playing golf again as quickly as he will be accepted back. In my opinion, Tiger’s reputation and image are tattered beyond repair, but he will come back and continue to play golf. In the eyes of many people, what he did was horrible and morally wrong, but others could care a less about Tiger’s personal life and what goes on in it. Golf is a game that people love to watch and play, and even though the opinions of Tiger Woods may not be nearly as good as they were before, I believe people will continue to watch him play for years to come.

Russell Goldman wrote an article about Tiger woods and if his image and reputation could be saved. Read this for another look at Tiger and his PR nightmare.


5 Responses to “PR Connections- How much does Tiger Woods need PR?”

  1. Jessica Cameron Says:

    You’re exactly right. There’s one thing that has not changed through all of this scandal: Tiger Woods is a great golfer! Pretty soon something like this will happen with another athlete or actor/actress and all attention will be sent to that person, leaving Tiger and his scandal of 2009 behind. Although it won’t be completely forgotten, it will be pushed to the pack of everyone’s minds becoming an insignificant incident. Little boys will still grow up wanting to be “just like the great Tiger Woods” and their parents allowing that to happen because who wouldn’t want their to child to be like Tiger Woods as long as they are just like him when it comes to playing golf, not the personal life of course. Sad isn’t it?

  2. […] 1. Allie Schlumper, How much does Tiger Woods need PR? […]

  3. Mackenzie Says:

    I agree with you! Tiger Woods, was not known as a “Family-Man,” he was known for being one of the worlds greatest golfers. Even though he made some horrible decisions, that will hurt his reputation for possible forever, that still won’t take away that he is an amazing athlete. It will be impossible to keep Tiger from playing golf, because that’s his job, and what he’s good at, championship golf tournaments will still want him there. You are so right, people will continue to watch him. I think It’s best that Tiger just continues to apologize and come clean about what has happened, and continue to focus on his golf game, it’s probably one fo the only things that won’t be ruined by this mess!
    -Mackenzie Stratton

  4. Victoria Says:

    I agree with you. What Tiger did was wrong but I do believe that he will start back playing golf and people will still support him even though his reputation and image is tarnished

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