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TOW #3- Social Media Monitoring January 31, 2010

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Is social media monitoring ethical? Provide commentary and discussion on both sides of the issue, and offer your personal viewpoint.

For my topic of the week for week #3 in Barbara Nixon’s Social Media and PR course, we were asked if social media monitoring is ethical or not. This is a difficult question because there so many view points about this topic.

In my opinion, it depends on how you are monitoring a company or brand and what your purposes are for monitoring them. For this course, we have to monitor a Fortune 500 company to see what is being said about them through various social media sites. I believe that if people are monitoring social media to benefit a company or brand or to better their products, than there is nothing ethically wrong with this. Domino’s has recently come out with a new campaign that shows how they have improved many of their products because of all the criticism that they have received about their company and their items. Below is a video showing what they have done:

Domino’s used what people were saying and writing on social media sites about their company to better their pizza and to hopefully better their company’s image.

Those are a few examples of how social media monitoring may be used positively and effectively. On the other hand, I believe that there are things that are unethical when monitoring social media. People have to realize that although everyone has a right to their own opinion, it is in my opinion, unethical to write derogatory or rude things about a company that are not true or factual. Danielle La Marca wrote a post, “Social Media Code of Ethics,” that I found to be true and interesting. It is important to always be respectful, honest, credible, and objective when monitoring various social media sites.


3 Responses to “TOW #3- Social Media Monitoring”

  1. mbutle Says:

    I like how you incorporated Dominos pizza video into your example of what is ethical in social media monitoring. And I totally agree with you on . One simple angry comment over a personal matter can become noted as a representation of all customer attitudes of a particular company or brand.

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