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PR Publications Top Ten List November 30, 2009

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For my PR Publications class, we were asked to create a powerpoint listing and giving information about the top ten things that we have learned and taken from our class this semester.

Below is a link to my powerpoint presentation:

Top 10 list

  1. Allison Schlumper PRCA 3339 PR Publications Top 10 List
  2. 1. Adobe InDesign
    • I had never worked with InDesign before, and this class really helped me to get all of the basics of the software down and even create some publications.
  3. 2. Brochures
    • When creating my brochure for this class for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, I learned a lot about the different elements of a brochure and how to create and design one using Adobe InDesign.
  4. 3. Business card/Letterhead
    • Everyone will eventually need a business card and/or letterhead in their future. In this class we learned how to create them and how to make the two look well together and professional.
  5. 4. CRAP
    • Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity
      • We learned about all for of these elements. Their definitions, purpose, and how they are essential in any publication.
  6. 5. Printing and paper elements
    • Our class took a tour of the Eagle Print Shop at GSU. We learned a lot about the printing process, how to use specific information when getting a publication printed, and different ways to print our work.
  7. 6. Fonts
    • I learned how and when to use different fonts. Different websites give you access to a large amount of fonts that you can download to your computer.
  8. 7. Group Projects
    • I learned that you have to prepare for every presentation that you have, and that sometimes working in a group may not always be easy. Preparation and confidence are key when
    • presenting to your class
    • and professor.
  9. 8. WordPress
    • In Intro To PR, I had to create a wordpress account. I knew the basics, but PR Pubs really helped me to get a better concept of blogging and all of the benefits that come with it. I also learned some great tips to help with my wordpress account.
  10. 9. Photoshop
    • When our guest speaker, Katrina Sage, came to speak about Adobe Photoshop. I learned some great tips and suggestions that will help me when using the software in the future.
  11. 10. Publications
    • We touched on how to create many publications in this class. I learned information about brochures, business cards, letterheads, newsletters, etc.
  12. Overall…
    • This class has prepared me for many things that will come my way in the future. In PR, I will most likely have a variety of different publications to create. I am glad that I took this class so I will already know where to start and what to do.

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