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How some components play a part in International PR, post #2 November 10, 2009

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In this post, I would like to talk about the framing theory and how it plays a part in International PR and the media. According to a study taken from Management 360, the framing theory and the concept of framing bias suggests that how something is presented (the “frame”) influences the choices people make.

In my opinion, the United States media is a great example of how the framing theory is used. In my International Public Relations course at Georgia Southern University, we were asked to watch a certain news channel for one week and record international information that we heard and saw. All the different groups in my class had different stations to watch and we were to present the information that we saw over that week. This project really made me realize how different the news can be, depending on what channel you are watching. The same story, could be completely different if you are watching FOX or CNN.

This relates to the framing theory because what a news station wants to show, they will show. What they do not want to show, they will not. Many Americans believe that they are getting all of the facts about a situation from a news station, but it could be completely biased. I think it is important for people to understand that all the information about an event, story, or situation is not always given on the television or the radio. There is always hidden information in every story.

This also has to do with international information that is given on the news, because after watching for a week straight, I really began to realize that there were not a great deal of international stories. Most of the groups that presented, who all watched different news channels, seemed to feel the same way. In my opinion, this means that news channels in the US seem to censor international stories and news from other countries.

By doing this project, it made me start to think more about the information that I hear. I now will go to a variety of different stations to get my news, and I will do more research on a story after I hear it.



One Response to “How some components play a part in International PR, post #2”

  1. Andrews Says:

    I hope your classmates will do the same if they are not already–going to various sources to learn about a story.

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