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Original Diversity Post November 3, 2009

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According to, diversity is: a point of difference. This is a VERY simple definition of the word diversity, but a precise one. Diversity, to me, means being around people who are different, in any way.

In this post I am going to focus on the student’s at Georgia Southern University. At GSU, according to, there are 16,100 students that are currently enrolled. 52% of the students enrolled are female, and 48% are male.


When it comes to race, according to the statistic given by, GSU is not as diverse as I thought. The student’s race that are enrolled breaks down like this: 11,720- White Non-Hispanic, 3,760- Black Non-Hispanic, 215- Hispanic, 186- Asian or Pacific Islander, and 35- American Indian/Alaska Native. These means that over 70% of the student’s enrolled at GSU are the same race.


Although these statistics show that the race of students at GSU is not extremely diverse, I do believe that GSU offers a large amount of diversity events that one can attend around campus. All throughout the semester, there is event after event offered on the diversity calendar  by the Multicultural Center that students can go to learn more about diversity all around the world.

I think that one thing that GSU can do to better their diversity is to make the campus and school more appealing to people of different races and ethnicities. This would be a great job for a public relations professional that works for the university. I think that if GSU made some advertisements that were more appealing to a variety of different races, then their campus could become more diverse and even offer more diverse courses and activities for the students of GSU.

Diversity is an important aspect of any university and I look forward to seeing what kind of diversity activities GSU offers while I am here.



One Response to “Original Diversity Post”

  1. Andrews Says:

    It would be interesting to know what is taking place on campus in regards to recruiting more minorities to campus.

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