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Guest Speaker Reaction #2 October 20, 2009

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Today in my International PR class, Elizabeth Albrycht spoke to us via Skype from Versailles, France. Albrycht has been living in France for 6 years and has worked for 20 years in public relations. She worked in New York throughout the 90s and then went to persue and finish her Masters degree. She teaches courses such as International PR and PR at ISCOM and Paris School of Business. Albrycht says that her students speak mostly French, but she teaches in English. There are 17 countries represented in her classes from Asia to North America.

Albrycht went on to speak about strategy and public relations. She said that people want to be communicated with and given good information. They also want to be treated as an individual and with respect, honesty, and kindness. These are all important aspects in PR because in public relations we are always trying to form relationships. It is easy to get tripped up in cultural differences, especially language. As a PR professional, you have to realize that there are individual and collective approaches and you have to know how to navigate with each country. The strategies and tactics that you use will be different with each country and region.

After she went over some of these topics, we had some question and answer sessions. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to cut the questions a little short.

I really enjoyed Professor Albrycht speaking to our class. This is the first time I have ever heard a speaker via Skype, and although there were some complications, overall it went smoothly. She did a great job with all of her topics, and kept me interested the whole time she was speaking. When you are using video chat, it is sometimes hard to interact with the audience so they might lose interest, but that did not happen while Mrs. Albrycht was speaking to our class. I very much appreciate her taking the time to speak to our class and I hope it will not be the last time we hear from her!


3 Responses to “Guest Speaker Reaction #2”

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the lecture. I had fun myself, even with the technical hiccups!

    BTW: I teach at ISCOM (not East Comm…it is pronounced like that, however).

    I wish you the best of luck!

  2. aschlum1 Says:

    Thanks for letting me know, I will change it right away.

    And thanks again for speaking to our class!

  3. Andrews Says:

    Isn’t it nice when the guest speaker reads your post and responds 🙂

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