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Blog Post #4- Photography October 19, 2009

Filed under: PRCA 3339 Assignments — aschlum1 @ 4:28 pm

After completing PoytnerNewsU course “The Language of the Image,” I learned a lot about photography that I did not know before.

What did I learn? The course started with the different types of photos. These are: informational, passive, and active. I learned that there is much more to a photo than just an image and these different photo types can show the situation and give information about certain events. There are many elements to photos and images. The different elements that the course goes over are: graphic, quality of light, emotion, juxtaposition, mood, sense of place, point of entry, impact, rule of thirds, perspective, surprise, layering, moment, and personality portrait. I really didn’t realize how many elements go into an image and how important they are. Images can use single elements, but most of them utilize more than one element to “enhance their story-telling capabilities.” Any of the elements can be combined in any given image.

What surprised me? The part of the course that surprised me the most was the part where images were given in different approaches. There are two different approaches to several events: birth, drought, funeral, skull, and swimmer. It really made me see that any given event can be shown in completely different ways, depending on how the photographer wants to portray that event. I was also surprised by all of the different elements that go into creating an image. When I see a photo, I usually don’t think much of it. Now, I realize all of the work that goes into making an image the right one for a story.

What do I want to know more about? The course gives a lot of great information on the different types of images and the elements that go into making an image, but I would like to know more about chosing the right image for a certain story or event. It is sometimes hard to know which image to pick when I am doing certain projects, and I think it would have been great to know how to go about choosing good images.

Overall, this course was very helpful with my knowledge of photography. I have always liked to take pictures and look at images, but now I will have a better understanding of the image and the elements included.


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