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Extra Blog Post #1- Ch. 7 Brochures and Pamphlets October 2, 2009

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For one of my extra blog posts I chose to write about the chapter on brochures and pamphlets in the book Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics by Linda Morton. This chapter is interesting to me because it gives some great information on how to make good publications and what the reader wants.

The book gives a five step process in designing folders. The steps are:

1) Format

2) Panels

3) Margins and Gutters

4) Content

5) Thumbnails

There are tips under all of these sections on what exactly to do when you are making a brochure.

The next part that I found extremely helpful was the part about different design elements. The book gave a variety of design elements such as: unity, alignment, proximity, harmony/consistency, direction, proportion, contrast, and rhythm. There were definitions of all of these elements and ways to use them correctly. This part was the most helpful to me because it shows how to put a publication together and how to make it look right.

White space is the next topic that is covered. Before reading this chapter, I didn’t realize that white space was more than just blank spaces between text and art. There are more elements to white space and what it adds to a publication.

The last part of the chapter covers different types of graphs (charts, line charts, bar charts, fact boxes, tables, etc.) and when to use which kinds of graphs and/or charts.

Since we have to do make a brochure for our client in my PR Publications class, I thought it would be a good idea to pay close attention to this chapter. There were some great tips and I believe this chapter will help me to make a better brochure.



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