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International PR Personal Interview September 29, 2009

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I interviewed Danielle Olowoya. She is from Nigeria and lived there for almost ten years before moving to London. She lived in London for three years and then moved back to Nigeria to attend high school. She now attends Georgia Southern University. Danielle tries to go back to Nigeria whenever she can. Below are the questions I asked Danielle and the answers that she gave me:

1. How does the media operate in Nigeria?

  • The media operates pretty much like the media in the U.S. There are independent TV and broadcasting stations and newspapers that cover the nows on both foreign and domestic affairs, entertainment, and other issues. There are even gossip magazines just like over here that trail the lives of entertainers and the wealthy.

2. How does the media in Nigeria differ from the media in the United States?

  • It doesn’t really differ, but the quality of advertising could be better. The quality of television commercials is still underdeveloped and I still think it can be improved.

3. What is your view of global business?

  • I think global business is a great thing because it allows countries that may be more developed to invest in other countries and improve their economies. It supplies more power to different countries, provides employment opportunities, and improves relations between countries.

4. What has surprised you most about the cultural differences between the U.S. and Nigeria?

  • In my culture, I think we’re very focused on our family and respect, especially for your elders or those older than you. Here, sometimes people get a little too self absorbed in their quest for wealth.

5. Is public relations a major that you are familiar with in Nigeria?

  • Yes it is, many people major in it in Nigeria.

6. How did you feel initially about being a part of a different culture?

  • I felt very comfortable. It wasn’t anything really new to me because I had visited the United States multiple times before moving here.

7. What advice do you have for an American seeking employment in your country?

  • I think they should do their research and see the kind of environment they would most like to work in, what the salary is like, etc. Also, a good degree/educational background, is important if you want a good paying job.

8. What are some of the more prominent jobs in Nigeria?

  • The most prominent jobs are mostly jobs that involve finances, like bankers, accountants, CEO’s and general managers of companies, doctors, lawyers, actors/actresses, architects, project managers, and politicians.

9. How do the commercials and advertisements differ between Nigeria and the United States?

  • The commercials and advertisements are no different from here, but the quality (like the quality of cameras used) is much lower here. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

10. How has moving to America affected your views on employment and the media?

  • I think my country could definitely improve on the quality of advertising and create more employment opportunities because for a lot of college graduates over there, it is difficult to find work.

11. Do you know of any PR firms in Nigeria, if so, which ones?

  • I know of a PR firm called Image Consultant Nigeria, Richardson and Briggs.

12. Name the main differences in the way the media operates in America and Nigeria.

  • There are not many differences, but the main one is that the American media is more organized and advanced in terms of the technology used.

My interview with Danielle went very well and it was interesting to hear her answers to all of my questions. With her being a young adult and having been to the United States many times before she moved here, I believe that her transition to a different culture was a little easier and less shocking. I learned a lot about the Nigerian culture by interviewing Danielle and I believe this assignment gave me an understanding of the different channels of media all across the world.


One Response to “International PR Personal Interview”

  1. Andrews Says:

    Interesting. Repetitive at times, but good stuff. Would like to see more about PR since she is familiar with PR in Nigeria.

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