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Guest Speaker Reaction #1 September 25, 2009

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On Thursday, September 24,  Dr. Sun-A Lee came to speak to my International Public Relations class. Dr. Lee is originally from South Korea, but moved to Arizona to get her masters degree. She is now a teacher at Georgia Southern University. She started off her presentation with some facts about diversity around the world. Some of these facts were shocking to me because I have never thought about statistics like this in a world scale. Some of the information she gave us was:

  • There are 6.8 billion people in the world. 60.4%- Asians, 10.9%- Europeans, 14.5%- Africans, 5%- North Americans, 8.6%- South Americans, 0.5%- Oceanians
  • 51% are Female and 49% are Male
  • Only 1% of the world is college educated and less than 1% own computers
  • 50% of the people in the world suffer from malnutrition

Dr. Lee gave us some more facts, but these are the ones that shocked me the most. She went on to talk about stereotypes, prejudice, racism, and ethnocentrism. She also spoke about culture in South Korea and stereotypes of different cultures and people around the world.

I really enjoyed Dr. Lee speaking to our class. She is a vibrant, fun, and outgoing woman and I learned that just by hearing her speak for about an hour. I learned a lot about different cultures and stereotypes that people can have and I also learned that a lot of these are false. At the end of Dr. Lee’s presentation, she showed our class some pictures of South Korean foods, weddings, houses, night life, palaces, and universities. This was interesting to me because I had never seen many pictures from South Korea and I thought it was absolutely beautiful! I am thankful that Dr. Lee was able to come speak to us and I really enjoyed myself during her presentation.

Below is an image of where South Korea is located in Asia:



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  1. Andrews Says:

    Like the image.

  2. Cialis Says:

    fgdqdv Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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