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Blog Post #2- Typography September 18, 2009

Filed under: PRCA 3339 Assignments — aschlum1 @ 6:08 pm

There are several different factors that go into a designer’s decision of what typefaces (fonts) to use. According to the book, Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics,designers select font options that will reinforce the organization’s identity and deliver a key message effectively to the target public. Most companies try to stick with conservative fonts because many businesses and business people are known to be conservative. As younger generations come into the business world, less conservative fonts could become more popular. Other things that a designer must think about are: variety of fonts, font size, font styles, and many other design elements. For business cards,, says, “When designing your text, be sure to have your address and phone numbers between 7 to 8 point sizes. Your name should be 1 point bigger than these two elements…  Your company name in contrast to all these elements should be from 12 to 15 point sizes.” Business cards can be several different sizes and designs, but this website, in my opinion, gave me the most helpful information. For brochures, I would say the best font size to use would be no less than 11 and no more than 15 point sizes. Dr. Barbara Nixon, gave our class a helpful website  that beginner designers can go to find free, legal fonts to use. The website is She also gave us a link to a YouTube video showing how to install a new font. Here is a link to the video: How to Install Free Fonts On Your Computer. I think that knowing how to use the right fonts is important, especially in public relations and advertising.



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