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How some components play a part in International PR, post #1 September 8, 2009

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One of the topics that I am choosing to discuss is the Sudan journalist who was imprisoned for wearing pants. Lubna Hussein was told that she could either pay a fine or be imprisoned as a result of her violating the public decency law by wearing pants (Link to the news story). In the United States, our culture is one that women and men are, for the most part, free to wear what they want. It is different to hear about a woman who could actually get in trouble for, let alone go to jail for, wearing pants. This has a lot to do with International PR because countries around the world have various cultures and many different perceptions of what is right, wrong, decent, and okay. Being a woman in the United States, we have many more freedoms than woman in other countries across the world. If a woman was to get involved or even get a job within international public relations, she would have to do a great amount of research about the country and/or countries she would be working in. In some countries, it really doesn’t matter how rich, classy, or high-up you are in the business world, you are still considered less valuable and less important than the men in that country. I believe this story can open a lot of eyes to the fact that every country and culture can be different in so many ways. In international public relations, especially, one must be aware of the various cultural aspects of a country and what is considered acceptable and not acceptable.



One Response to “How some components play a part in International PR, post #1”

  1. Andrews Says:

    Women’s rights. A hot topic no matter where you reside in the world.

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