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Finally the weekend April 17, 2009

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It is finally Friday! This has been a rough week, had tests, homework, papers, and a bunch of stuff to do for Relay for Life. Last night, my dad was in town on a business trip. He and I went to dinner at Chili’s. I love it when he comes in to town because I hardly ever have time to just spend with him. Then we watched some TV. We saw the new show Parks and Recreation. It was hilarious! Today I have to bake a bunch of food for Relay tonight. We are doing a bake sale at the Pi Kappa Alpha team spot. Hopefully we will sell a lot of baked goods. Tomorrow will be spent writing papers. I have three due next week (how exciting!). Hopefully my boyfriend Josh and I will be able to go see a movie or something tomorrow night. Sunday after church, unfortunately I will still be writing papers! Only a couple weeks left in the semester… I just have to make it through.


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