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48 Hours of Twitter April 17, 2009

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This 48 hours of twitter was much different from the first week. The main difference this time was that I actually knew what I was doing. I have been using twitter on and off all semester, so when we received this assignment I had a much better idea of how to use twitter and all of its aspects. At first I could not even figure out how to @reply to anyone, but now I am getting pretty good at it. I like twitter much more now and believe I will still use it even after this class.

The most surprising thing about twitter to me is how many people use it! Twitter has become an amazing social networking tool. Many companies, celebrities, and PR professionals are very active in twitter and update many times a day. By using twitter, I can find out information about the PR world and many other topics by just looking at my page.

One of the main things I still want to know about twitter is not really about using twitter, but it is more a question about the complete website. A lot of the time when I log onto twitter, it is frozen or it says too many tweets or something along those lines. I understand there are many people using twitter, but I wish that it wouldn’t freeze up on me so much (I guess having a really slow computer doesn’t help that either…). I also want to know what TweetDeck is. I always see that people are updating from TweetDeck but I can not figure out what that means.

The three Public Relations professionals that I would recommend to follow are:

  1. Tara Lefave. She is the person I interviewed for my “Interview with a PR professional.” I really enjoy following her because first of all she is a Red Sox fan and so am I, but I get to see sometimes what she is doing with her job and the is very interesting to me.
  2. PR_Couture. This isn’t really just one person, but this twitter site gives you good information about PR in the fashion world and what is going on in that department with PR fashion news, jobs, and discussions.
  3. Steve Farnsworth. He always has links to interesting websites that are related to PR and technology. He  also has a lot of great updates about different topics such as twitter, PR, and many other things.

Overall, twitter was a learning experiance which I believe I have greatly benefited from. I think that twitter will eventually help me in the social networking world and it is a great tool to have in the world of Public Relations.



3 Responses to “48 Hours of Twitter”

  1. I’m glad that Twitter became more valuable to you. It certainly helps me do my job!


  2. Steve Farnsworth Says:

    Hello Allie,

    I was working on a presentation on social media monitoring, using several tools while researching, and your wonderful recommendation showed up! Sorry I hadn’t seen it before now, but I am grateful none the less.

    All the best, Steve

  3. aschlum1 Says:

    Thanks for looking at it… I really enjoy your twitter updates!

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