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PR Crisis April 7, 2009

Filed under: Responses — aschlum1 @ 1:17 am

Today in class we discussed Public Relations in times of a crisis. First we talked about what exactly a crisis is and what the four types of crisis are: meteor, predator, breakdown, and lingering. There are also many benefits to planning for a crisis such as it will reduce stress if the crisis actually occurs, the flow of information, etc. We also discussed how a PR professional for a company has to search for the negative for that company to see what is being said or talked about. The three R’s of Crisis Communication are research, response, and recovery. Throughout the class, we discussed more on crisis communication and what to do if your company has a crisis. I personally do not think that I could be the “negative” person on the team that has to plan for a crisis. The class was then asked to get into groups and we were given a certain scenerio. Our group had to discuss what we would do if this crisis were to happen to our company. I enjoyed this class because I didn’t realize how much time had to go into thinking and discussing what could happen to a company (even if it is far stretched).


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