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Rainy in Statesboro April 2, 2009

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The rain has not seemed to stop for the past couple of days! I love falling asleep to the rain… but I hate waking up, having to ride the bus, and walk to class through the pouring rain. Campus should be shut down on rainy days!! (haha) In a happier note, all of my classes got cancelled for the rest of the week because of the PR and Communication thing that all of the teachers are going to. I still have to work… but at least I get some time off. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend (hopefully it won’t be rainy!).


One Response to “Rainy in Statesboro”

  1. sfarmer2 Says:

    I know how you feel…I am bad at waking up in the mornings anyway, but these past few days have been SO difficult for me. I feel like I don’t fully wake up until hours after I leave my house because of the rain haha. Thankfully today and tomorrow won’t be too rainy 🙂

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