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Seth Godin’s- Tribes March 31, 2009

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Watch Seth Godin’s Tribes

I enjoyed watching Seth Godin’s presentation. It was informative and interesting. As Godin begins, he states that people always want more in life. Whether people want more money, friends, etc., they always want more of something. Godin’s presentation made me realize that there are many tribes all around us. Fans of a celebrity can be a tribe because they all have something in common when it comes to that certain celebrity. That is just one example of many. Tribes exist all around us and we just do not realize it. According to Godin, a tribe is different than just a crowd because the people included in a tribe will have something in common with one another. Godin talked about what the three biggest tribes are. He says they are community, church, and work. It is interesting to me because when I think of the word “tribe,” I think about indians or the past, I never thought it could be related to today’s world and the people that are living in today’s world. Godin also mentions Twitter and how people can build tribes through their own social networking. When people are part of a tribe, they make connections with more and more people that are associated within that tribe. They can meet all types of different people, but they will still share at least one thing in common with one another. This leads to social networking. The video made me think about the different tribes that I could be associated with and will be associated with in my future.



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