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My Thoughts on Social Networking March 29, 2009

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When the semester first started, I was hesitant to start all of this blogging and twittering and updating my information all of the time. I just thought there was no need for it. As the semester carried on I began to understand more about Twitter and WordPress and began to check my accounts a little more frequently. Now, I probably check each account every day, maybe more than once. For my PR interview, I found a PR professional on Twitter who told me she would be glad to answers my questions. I have started to realize that it really is good to have all of these accounts because I can meet people who are in my field of study and practice and they can help me along the way. We were just told to open a new account on PROpenMic and I hope I will enjoy that social networking website just as much as the others.



2 Responses to “My Thoughts on Social Networking”

  1. beingamydietrich Says:

    Yeah the social networks are really opening up my eyes. It is crazy what is out there, just on the internet. It is difficult to keep up with every single one, but we all have our favorites I am sure and focus on those. My favorite from PR class is probably the blogs, but Twitter is up there. I have not really tinkered with PROpenMic.
    Hey networking is our field, mine as well start now.

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