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Chapter One- What is Public Relations? March 8, 2009

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  • One of the most important topics I liked in this chapter was Public Relations as a Process. I think it helped me to understand more what PR is about with the steps in the process and the diagram.
  • I also liked the components of PR. There are a variety of different aspects of PR such as: counseling, public affairs, special events, etc. It gives you an idea of all the different things you can go into within PR.
  • It helped me to realize how public relations differs from Journalism, Advertising, and Marketing because I know a lot of people can get all of those fields mixed up. It is good to know how they all relate and differ from each other.
  • The five essential abilities (Writing Skill, Research Ability, Planning Expertise, Problem-Solving Ability, and Business/Economics competence) were good to look over because it helped to show what you need to be working on if you want a career in Public relations.

These notes were taken from the book  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


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