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Top Ten Tips March 1, 2009

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When I had to put together my top ten tips for job search and job interviewing, I decided to come up with my own ideas on what I have learned and experianced in the job world. I think these tips have helped me and will help anyone who reads them and follows them. Here are my top ten tips on job search and job interviewing:

1. Always dress appropriately. Never wear jeans and t-shirt to an interview, even if you know that is what the people who work there are aloud to wear. You will be more confident if you dress nicely and you will come across more professionaly.

2. The night before your interview, make sure and get a good night’s sleep and to eat a good breakfast that morning. You do not want to go into the interview hungry and tired.

3. While looking for a job, you can NEVER send out too many resumes. Odds are for every ten you send out, you might only get one interview.

4. Never bring your phone, blackberry, iPod, etc. into an interview. Leave all of your electronics off and put away.

5. Do not be afraid to ask questions!

6. Always make sure to thank everyone who was involved in the interviewing process. Even if you don’t think you will get hired. You never know who you will encounter down the road and it is always good to be polite.

7. Be on time! Make sure you leave early enough for unexpected traffic, car trouble, etc.

8. Come to the interview prepared. Make sure you remember to bring your portfolio, a copy of your resume, and anything else you want to show the person that is interviewing you. Also go over some of the questions you think you will be asked so you can have an answer ready.

9. Play up your strong points. Everyone has negative aspects about themselves, but if you focus more on the positive ones it will help you in the long run.

10. Be confident in yourself! The more confident you are, the more it will show.


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