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Class on March 30 March 31, 2009

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Today in class we started off with a cross word puzzle. This was interesting for me because I felt like I knew EVERY single answer, but I just could not put a name to the slogan. After we did our puzzle, we got the answers, and some of them I had never heard before. We then discussed our blogs for a while. At the beginning of the semester, I was confused about blog posts and what I was supposed to do, but not it has become a lot more clear. I am glad Dr. Nixon explains things to us thoroughly so we are able to get the right idea. After we discussed blogs, we got our next assignment. We have to listen to a PR podcast. I haven’t decided which one to do yet, but I am sure whichever one I pick will be interesting.



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Seth Godin’s- Tribes

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Watch Seth Godin’s Tribes

I enjoyed watching Seth Godin’s presentation. It was informative and interesting. As Godin begins, he states that people always want more in life. Whether people want more money, friends, etc., they always want more of something. Godin’s presentation made me realize that there are many tribes all around us. Fans of a celebrity can be a tribe because they all have something in common when it comes to that certain celebrity. That is just one example of many. Tribes exist all around us and we just do not realize it. According to Godin, a tribe is different than just a crowd because the people included in a tribe will have something in common with one another. Godin talked about what the three biggest tribes are. He says they are community, church, and work. It is interesting to me because when I think of the word “tribe,” I think about indians or the past, I never thought it could be related to today’s world and the people that are living in today’s world. Godin also mentions Twitter and how people can build tribes through their own social networking. When people are part of a tribe, they make connections with more and more people that are associated within that tribe. They can meet all types of different people, but they will still share at least one thing in common with one another. This leads to social networking. The video made me think about the different tribes that I could be associated with and will be associated with in my future.



Library at GSU

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So I am in the library here at Georgia Southern, taking a break from writing my paper (I seem to be taking more breaks than actually writing…). Anyways, I can not STAND it when people come to the library to “hang out” with their friends. The library is four or five stories high (can’t remember), why are you talking as loud as possible about your social life on the quiet floor. It might seem like not a big deal, but it can be very distracting when you hear intimate details about someones life while you are trying to do homework. Well, that was just my vent for the day. Now I should get back  to writing my paper. Maybe if someone reads this and goes to the library next time, this will have an impact on the amount of noise there (ha I wish!).



Comment March 29, 2009

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I commented on Antonio Bivin’s blog post.


Long weekend!

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So it is only Saturday, and my weekend has already been extremely hectic. I had to work and go to class all week so I did not have much time for homework. All day today I have been writing a paper, and I still have two more to write before Tuesday! Spring time always seems to drain me and all I would like to do is lay in bed! With a little over a month left in this semester, I am nervous about all of the work that will be coming my way in the next couple of weeks. I guess I should get used to it because I am taking 12 hours over the summer and 17 this coming fall! My parents really want me to graduate on time so I am trying my best. Hopefully things will calm down soon. Now it is back to my paper, wish me luck!


My Thoughts on Social Networking

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When the semester first started, I was hesitant to start all of this blogging and twittering and updating my information all of the time. I just thought there was no need for it. As the semester carried on I began to understand more about Twitter and WordPress and began to check my accounts a little more frequently. Now, I probably check each account every day, maybe more than once. For my PR interview, I found a PR professional on Twitter who told me she would be glad to answers my questions. I have started to realize that it really is good to have all of these accounts because I can meet people who are in my field of study and practice and they can help me along the way. We were just told to open a new account on PROpenMic and I hope I will enjoy that social networking website just as much as the others.