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Twitter February 1, 2009

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When we were first introduced to Twitter, I did not really understand it at all. I was nervous to try and figure out something new because even though I am good with computers, it sometimes takes me a while to understand how to use certain websites and applications. I logged on to the page and updated what I was doing, but did not know where to go from there. My first update was something along the lines of, “Trying to figure out how to use Twitter!” After we talked about it more in class, I began to understand how it would benefit us more. I started to follow people and then people started to follow me. After updating my status more, I realized that I could ask questions and people would respond. I realized that I could meet many people on their, not only from Public Relations, but from other aspects of life as well. It is interesting to see who would respond to my questions and who asked to follow me. When a lot of people started to ask to follow me, I had to start looking at who I would follow back because I did not want to follow everyone. Overall, Twitter was a good experiance for me because I think it is good for networking. It will help me in the future to meet people and hopefully make connections with important people. I am hoping to follow up on Twitter and continue to learn more and more about it every day.


One Response to “Twitter”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the One Week of Twitter experience. I’m glad you see the potential in Twitter for PR practitioners.

    Here’s another way of thinking about Twitter: imagine if the prompting question was “What has captured your attention?”

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