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Wag The Dog February 16, 2009

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  • Of the three basic value orientations (discussed in Chapter 3 of your textbook), what basic value orientation does the PR practitioner embody? Provide at least one example.

I would say that of the three basic value orientations, the PR practitioner would embody the Absolutist. He always seemed to do what he wanted in every situation he was in and did not really care about the consequences that could happen to him or anyone else in the situation. One example would be when they lied to the entire country about Sergeant William Schumann who was really a made up war hero and they found out he was a convict. He didn’t care what the consequences would be if the country found out or if the information was leaked.

The PR practitioner was unethical in pretty much all of the six core values in the PR code of ethics. Advocacy because he did not have the publics interest at heart, he just wanted to help the President to win the election. Honesty because he was definitely not honest with the public about pretty much anything. They made up a war, lied up a war hero, and lied about multiple other things. Expertise because he would only make the profession look bad when the public found out what he was doing. Loyalty because he did not honor the obligation to serve the public interest. He was loyal to his client in trying to help the President win the election, but that was not best for the public. Fairness because he took advantage of his position and tried to fool the country and that is not fair.

  • What is the logic behind the phrase Wag the Dog, and how is it relevant to the situation involved?

I think the logic behind the phrase Wag the Dog is that the dog usually controls his tail and when it wags. The public is the dog and Public Relation practitioners are the tail. In this situation, it is Wag the Dog because of all of the PR practitioners resources with the government and every one involved, they are able to fool the country into thinking and believing things that were not true. By doing this they could focus on more positive aspects of the President instead of the negative ones. So in my opinion, Wag the Dog means that the PR practitioners were able to “wag” the public instead of it being the other way around.

  • In your opinion, what positive or negative stereotypes has the PR practitioner confirmed in his role in this movie?

I think that the PR practitioner mostly portrayed a negative stereotype. He did many unethical things and took advantage of his PR position. This could have a negative look for anyone in the field of Public Relations.


PR Eras February 4, 2009

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I was in the fifth group for the eras of PR. I will give a little bit about each era as we talked about in class. The first era, talked about the Boston Tea Party, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, and Pope Gregory and his use of the word propaganda. The second era talked about the use of Public Relations to attract tourists. They expressed good PR techniques, such as Barnum using Tom Thumb to bring interest to the circus. It helped to population the Western United States by distributing pamphlets and PR started to work in political activist front. The third era talked about how Edward Bernays is the father of modern Public Relations, Moss Kendrix was the first African-American in PR, Ivy Lee was the first to use press releases, and Teddy Roosevelt was the first to use news conferences. They also talked about Johnson and Johnson and the Tylenol recall which was looked at as positive PR. The fourth era talked about the U.S. department of labor said that PR will be the fastest growing job from 2004-2014 with about a 40% growth. They said their will be an increase in non-profit groups which will be a new frontier for PR. James Grunig used three PR models and after WWII, there was rapid growth of PR in all areas. The fifth era talked about how social networking came about as well as the growth of the economy and women became more involved in the field of PR. The internet and world wide web also became more affordable and  easy to use. The sixth and final group talked about how in the future PR needs to be more honest with the public, cater to multicultural societies, and cater towards older people because of the baby boomers. PR is constantly being updated because of new technologies. This is just some of the information we learned in class and this class period did help me to understand more about Public Relations and it’s past, present, and future.

These notes were taken from the book  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


Twitter February 1, 2009

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When we were first introduced to Twitter, I did not really understand it at all. I was nervous to try and figure out something new because even though I am good with computers, it sometimes takes me a while to understand how to use certain websites and applications. I logged on to the page and updated what I was doing, but did not know where to go from there. My first update was something along the lines of, “Trying to figure out how to use Twitter!” After we talked about it more in class, I began to understand how it would benefit us more. I started to follow people and then people started to follow me. After updating my status more, I realized that I could ask questions and people would respond. I realized that I could meet many people on their, not only from Public Relations, but from other aspects of life as well. It is interesting to see who would respond to my questions and who asked to follow me. When a lot of people started to ask to follow me, I had to start looking at who I would follow back because I did not want to follow everyone. Overall, Twitter was a good experiance for me because I think it is good for networking. It will help me in the future to meet people and hopefully make connections with important people. I am hoping to follow up on Twitter and continue to learn more and more about it every day.